Solicitation Released

The final Request for Quotes (RFQ) was issued on May 29, 2008 to 26 GSA Schedule 520-4 contractors invited to compete for task order awards for the Department of Education (ED), Federal Student Aid (FSA) Private Collection Agency (PCA) 2008 competition. Invitees should follow the instructions in sections L of the RFQ carefully when preparing responses to the RFQ. (The RFQ was formerly called a Request for Proposals (RFP) during the draft stages.)

The Contracting Officer invited the following 17 PCAs to submit quotes for the unrestricted pool in response to the RFQ. Invitees to the unrestricted pool that qualify as small businesses under GSA Schedule may elect to compete in either the unrestricted pool or the small business pool, but not both.

  • Account Control Technology Inc.

  • Allied Interstate Inc./IQOR

  • The CBE Group, Inc.

  • Collecto, Inc.

  • Continental Service Group, Inc.

  • Diversified Collection Services, Inc.

  • Enterprise Recovery Systems

  • Financial Asset Management Systems, Inc.

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  • GC Services Limited Partnership

  • NCO Financial Systems, Inc.

  • Pioneer Credit Recovery, Inc.

  • Premiere Credit of North America, LLC

  • Progressive Financial Services, Inc.

  • Van Ru Credit Corporation

  • West Asset Management, Inc.

  • Windham Professionals, Inc.

The Contracting Officer invited the following 9 PCAs to submit quotes for the small business pool in response to the RFQ.

  • The Affiliated Group, Inc.

  • Bass & Associates, P.C.

  • Coast Professional, Inc. (CPI)

  • Collection Technology, Inc. (CTI)

  • Credit Adjustments Inc. (CAI)

  • Delta Management Associates, Inc.

  • Harvard Collection Services, Inc. (HCSI)

  • Immediate Credit Recovery Inc. ( ICR )

  • National Recoveries, Inc. (NRI)

Contact information for these PCAs may be found in the GSA Library at

PCAs that were not invited to compete for task order awards from ED are encouraged to seek subcontracting opportunities. To aid potential subcontractors, a copy of the RFQ and the Statement of Work (SOW) has been posted to the PCA website.

Any questions related to the PCA 2008 competition must be submitted to (Please note there is no period between "pca" and "2008.")