FISMA PCA Package - 02/06/09

The following WinZip attachment contains the updated PCA Checklist and the templates required for the PCAs to complete the necessary work to potentially receive an Authority To Operate (ATO) from the Federal Student Aid Chief Information Officer.

PLEASE NOTE: The due dates listed in the checklist document will allow time for the FSA CIO Office to review and return documents in a timely manner. Documents will be accepted before and after the dates, but FSA reserves the right to return late documents after the FSA due date. The final cut off date of September 4, 2009 for the final package is a set due date. After that time any PCA who has not submitted their Pre-Authorization Package MAY not be eligible to receive their data transfer by 10/23/2009, and could potentially have their Task Order terminated.

Please use the Extract button within the WinZip file. The extract will place all the files into their respective folders and make it easier to process.

Dwight Vigna
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