2009 PCA Contract Meeting - 01/2709

This message is being sent in order to address the extraordinary amount of rumors in the marketplace concerning the 2008 PCA contract selections and awards.

First, we have decided to cancel the 2/18/09 meeting in Washington DC and replace it with a Webinar. The Webinar will allow us to talk as a group without the added costs of flying and hotels. This meeting has been scheduled to discuss the FISMA requirements for the old contract as well as for bidders on the new contract. The SOW for the PCA contracts has always had a requirement for PCA contractors to be compliant with all FISMA requirements. In 2009, all current PCA contracts and all successful offerors for the 2008 contract awards must have an "Authority To Operate" (ATO) from the FSA CIO Office by 9/30/2009.

In order to obtain an ATO, each PCA must have a third party complete a FISMA review and the third party must certify the PCA is meeting the requirements within the NIST 800 guidelines. With this particular requirement it has been decided that the contract effective date for the 2008 PCA contracts will be July 1, 2009 with the first transfer of data to be scheduled for 10/16/09. This also means that all current contracts will be extended through September 30, 2009. An information packet, which will include a checklist and templates for a FISMA review, will be posted to the PCA web site URL , by close of business Friday 1/30/09, so you can review the information prior to the webinar. The webinar will include a presentation on the materials from the FSA CIO office as well as time for questions and answers.

We have planned the webinar for February 19, 2009 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM EST. This should allow ample time for the presentation and all questions. Follow up messages will explain the software that will be needed to hook into the webinar as well as any other pertinent data and schedules.